Sparks Consulting Group
assists senior decision makers
in critical strategic economic,
and social planning in Israel

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Our own unique sparks

Unique understanding of strategic systems,
with a strong link to the leadership layer
shaping the future of Israel

Cutting edge knowledge, methodologies
and datasets, that create value to
our customers

Expertise in implementation and
commitment to results

Impact on administration
Consulting to top senior government
officials and the public sector

Political-shaping processes,
strategy, and regulation

Data-driven decision making –
research, market analysis, data analytics

Leading a change and
strategy implementation

Impact on the business sector
Consulting to top leaders
of the private sector and
senior managers of leading
companies in Israel

We customize the team of senior
consultants to our customer
challenges and specific needs

Our senior consultants
signing up for your success

Ron Tzur, CEO – Sparks Consulting Group
Prof. Shlomo Hasson, CEO – Futura Institute
Dr. Zach Fayena, CEO – In a Great Company
Shaul Zohar, Founder Chairman – Meidata
Miki Zakay, CEO – adKit
Dr. Roy Shalem, Senior consultant – adKit
Orlit Yossef, CEO – Copula HR
Elena Vilenchik, CEO – Effectiveness
Akiva Shmueli, CEO – F.P.M

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Yuvalim Business Campus • Building C • 4th floor • Nes-Ziona